Variety is key for finding the best vehicle for your need, whether your prime decision factor is vehicle age, mileage or condition!
ASG Cars provides the largest selection of second hand vehicles in Cyprus!
Browse, select and compare from more than 2,000 vehicles and 200 models.

We know the story for every single vehicle we own. ASG Cars will provide you with a full and detailed Service History for any vehicle in our 2,000 cars fleet!
The ASG Service History Certificate will provide you with details such as service dates and previous damages on the vehicle.

The fleet of ASG Cars has been strategically selected, serviced and conditioned to serve on the highest standards of Europcar Cyprus -the largest car rental company in Cyprus-.
The most important factor for leading the car rental market is the quality and condition of vehicles, something we have been delivering successfully for more than 25 years.

Book a viewing at one of our sales locations in Larnaca or Paphos and allow us to give you an instant on-site check up of the vehicle.
You can bring your own mechanic or trusted partner to check up the car and solve any questions which may arise!

ASG Cars is member of Andy Spyrou Group (ASG) Ltd. We have been operating in the car business of Cyprus for more than 40 years in renting, leasing and selling cars.
ASG is the owner of Europcar Cyprus, the largest and leading car rental company on the island. All vehicles in ASG Cars are sourced from the well maintained fleet of Europcar.

At ASG Cars we provide real value as:
• We provide the widest selection of cars for sale in Cyprus.
• We provide the best maintained fleet of cars for sale in Cyprus.
• We provide a full service history for every single vehicle in our fleet.
Finally, the above allow us to provide you with the most competitive price on the most transparent terms!